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A Structural History of Preston Tower

The ongoing work to preserve future generations is well underway, but the work could not take place without extensive and invaluable research into the building's structural and chronological history.

This structural history was commissioned by Groves-Raines Architects on behalf of East Lothian Council in March 2021. The report is based on onsite observations and background research that was carried out by the author for Bob Marshall who was commissioned to produce interpretative reconstructions on Preston Tower.

Plan of Preston Tower in 1888 showing the timber stairs to the first floor

(Crown Copyright Historic Environment Scotland ELD 90/4)

Please enjoy the report here:

A structural history of Preston Tower
Download PDF • 953KB

Join us for the reopening of the gardens at Preston Tower on Saturday 24th September when there will be a chance to see what's changed and the future plans. Check our 'What's On' page for details.

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