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Be part of Preston Tower's future!

On Saturday 19th November we had our first scaffolding tour of Preston Tower. Twelve people joined contractors to learn more about the works being undertake on the tower and see the beautiful view of East Lothian from the top of the scaffold.

Those on the tour were amazed at the work being carried out to conserve the Tower and especially excited to see the first floor which has been off limits for a number of years. Robert (Contractor) from Campbell and Smith alongside Natasha (Architect) from GRAS provided an insight in to how the stonework has been carried out on the building and showed where previous conservation interventions had been undertaken.

It’s not very often people get a first-hand look and chance to ask questions about this type of building work!

Following the scaffolding visit a number of the group joined Jordan Irvine (Community Development Officer) and Colin Gilmour (Senior Officer – Regenerations) to learn more about the future guardianship of Preston Tower and the gardens.

We are looking for the community to be involved in developing the Tower and supporting with access. If this is something you might be interested in why not get in touch:

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